3Play Media: Help Guides and Resources

How do I get my 3Play account set up? 

First, reach out to 3Play Media’s team to establish your account and secure your UC discounted rate: 3Play Media + University of California

Once your account has been set up, connect your YouTube account and Enable Postback Captions. This will make it easier to upload content and send your completed captions back to YouTube. YouTube: Link Accounts and Enable Postback Captions

Finally, add team members to your 3Play Media Project, check your transcription settings, or switch to a different 3Play Media project

How do I pay for captions? 

For caption orders under $5,000, we recommend paying with a departmental credit card. 

Pay a Closed Invoice by Credit Card

For caption orders over $5,000, we recommend setting up a Purchase Order. 

Processing a Purchase Order for 3Play Media

How do I order captions?

Captions can be ordered for videos on YouTube that are marked as ‘Public’ or ‘Unlisted’. ‘Private’ videos cannot have captions ordered for them. We recommend marking your video as ‘Unlisted’ while your captions process, and changing the video to ‘Public’ once your caption file is complete. 

How to change privacy settings in YouTube 

YouTube: Order Services Within 3Play

YouTube: Order Captions within 3Play (for Unlisted Videos)

How do I remove these ‘flags’? 

If there is anything that the transcriptionist can’t understand in your video’s audio, it will be marked as a ‘flag’ in your caption file. These flags must be removed to make sure that your caption file is accurate and compliant. Some videos may not have any ‘flags’, but some videos may have several. 

How to edit and remove flags in 3Play Media Transcripts

Is there anything else I should know?

3Play Media Quick Start Guide 

Edit your email notifications

Review the Turnaround Service Levels

Learn how to Create an SRT File

Learn about Dual-Language Transcription Services

Join the UC Berkeley Multi-Channel YouTube Network 

If you manage a public-facing UC Berkeley-affiliated YouTube channel, you can opt into the UC Berkeley Multi-Channel YouTube Network. 

By joining, The Digital Accessibility Program will pay to caption:

  • all (non-lecture) videos published on your channel between December 2, 2020 and December 2, 2022.

  • all (non-lecture) videos published on your channel before December 2, 2020, with over 750 views.

Learn more and get started at: How to join the UC Berkeley network on YouTube