Audio requirements

This page provides a brief overview of what you need to do to make podcasts (or other audio) accessible and describes requirements. 

What is an accessible podcast?

An accessible podcast is usable by people of all abilities, using a variety of devices.

Accessible podcasts must:

  • Have a transcript.
  • Have the transcript or a link to the transcript available in the same location as the podcast.

If your podcast is presented in a video, like on YouTube or Vimeo, you will need to ensure that it has compliant closed captioning. Please see our closed captioning style guide for more information. 

What are the audio deadlines and responsibilities?

All podcasts must have accurate, accompanying transcripts regardless of the date posted or the number of times the content has been accessed. 

Published date Transcript responsibility Compliance deadline
On or after December 2, 2022 Content owner September 2, 2023
Before December 2, 2022 Content owner December 2, 2025

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