June 2 Compliance Deadline

Accessibility Compliance Deadline: June 2nd  

Per Berkeley’s Consent Decree with the US DOJ, websites must be WCAG 2.0 AA compliant by June 2, 2024. An external Audit will occur June 2 - Oct 3, 2024 for:

  • Websites (including videos or podcasts on websites that have been published at anytime)

  • Videos and Podcasts (everything published 12/2/22 - onward)

Web Content Contributors Requirements

Berkeley.edu websites:

  1. Complete the How to Comply with the Web Accessibility Procedures Training.

  2. Review the website owner responsibilities.

  3. Use Siteimprove for automated testing and remediation purposes.

  4. Use checklists for manual reviews (human testing).

 Audio and Video:

  1. Continue ensuring you are meeting video requirements
  2. Continue ensuring you are meeting audio requirements.

Policy, Procedures, Requirement and Responsibilities

PLEASE READ: Important Note about Website Accessibility Testing

Automated testing can identify a portion of total WCAG standards.  Human or manual testing is required to address the remaining standards for a comprehensive review. Practicing a combination of automated and Manual testing is needed.  Based on your role with website development, design, and/or content creation, you can use both testing methods to the level of your website contribution.

  • There is no Siteimprove score that means your website is accessible.  Pass it on!
  • Continue to tackle your website content remediation no matter what the date is.  This is ongoing work.  We are here to help!