Web accessibility training

Step 1: How to comply with the Web Accessibility Procedures

How to Access

Go to the How to comply with the Web Accessibility Procedures training on the UCB training learning management system.  Complete the training.  Your completion will be tracked and reported on.  This training is required for most UC Berkeley employees. 

Step 2: Concepts for everyone to learn

The following concepts are crucial for accessibility, and you’ll need to learn them whether you’re a content editor or a web developer. You may want to focus on one concept at a time.

Step 3: Advanced and specialized courses

Step 4: Learn to use accessibility checkers

Here are some excellent tools for running automated accessibility checks. There are lots of others you may choose to adopt, but these three cover most of what you can check for with automated tests.

Remember: Automated testing tools are extremely useful, but they can’t check everything.

Step 5: Find and bookmark resources

There are lots of fantastic, free resources to help you build accessible communications. Here are a few to get you started, but we recommend building your own set of go-to resources over time.

Web content editors

Web designers and developers

W3C: Introduction to web accessibility (video 4:07)

Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

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