Join us: Digital Accessibility Workshop Series

November 8, 2023

The Digital Accessibility Program (DAP) is excited to announce the launch of our accessibility workshop series! Sessions will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 - 11 a.m. starting next week through the end of the year. Each virtual session will begin with 20-minute presentations on the topics listed below, followed by open office hours with our accessibility specialists. Bring your accessibility questions!

Note about Recording: So that everyone feels safe and confident bringing their questions and web content examples to the workshop for hands-on support, we will not record the workshops.  However, facilitators will record their presentations, which will be linked from the DAP Concepts page and individual concept pages.

Register Today
Register now for the sessions you’d like to attend and get early access to the slide deck. Follow the links below to get registered, or visit our DAP events page:

  • Nov. 14: Captions - Learn how to write captions for your videos. Topics include WCAG requirements, speaker ID, background sounds, and the difference between captions and subtitles.
  • Nov. 16: Color - Do you know how to use color in an accessible way? Topics include color contrast ratios and the use of color to convey information.
  • Nov 21: Headings - Learn why headings are important, how to use them correctly, and how users of assistive technologies rely on headings.
  • Nov. 28: Lists - Learn about accessible lists, nested lists, and how assistive tech users rely on lists that are correctly configured.
  • Nov. 30: Keyboard Accessibility - What does keyboard access mean? How can you ensure your content can be used by keyboard-only users?
  • Dec. 5: Images - Do you know how to use images in an accessible way? Topics include alt text, image descriptions, long descriptions, and more.
  • Dec. 7: Links - Learn how to create accessible links. Topics include meaningful text and link styling.
  • Dec. 12: Tables - What does an accessible table look like? Learn about how to create accessible tables, when not to use tables, and how assistive technology users make use of tables.
  • Dec. 14: Plain language - Plain language is information that users understand the first time they read it. Learn how to communicate clearly.
  • Dec. 19: Transcripts - Learn about when transcripts are required and how to prepare them.

We encourage everyone to attend this workshop series, regardless of skill level or experience with digital accessibility. By learning more about digital accessibility, we can help ensure your digital content is accessible to everyone.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshops!