Berkeley to launch new Siteimprove account

March 13, 2024

UPDATE 7/11/24: The migration and launch have been pushed back to early Fall. Please check back soon for the new timeline.

We’re excited to announce that in April, Berkeley will launch its own Siteimprove account. We are confident this will provide the best possible user experience for our community.

Currently, we share one Siteimprove account with all of the UC campuses, under UCOP’s license. Due to the vast number of websites and web pages across all of the UC locations in the UCOP account , Siteimprove has been sluggish to say the least. Additionally, we were limited in our ability to customize settings and service management to better meet Berkley’s unique needs.

By having our own account, we’re better able to meet our obligations under the consent decree, and end users will enjoy improved performance and easier access. Additionally, the reduced support burden will allow us to effectively manage our resources and allow more time for one-on-one support to help the Berkeley community meet accessibility requirements.

Some improvements include:

  • New users will gain immediate access to reports without having to complete a support form to request access and then wait to be set up.
  • Quicker response times when accessing data and reports.
  • Users will be able to schedule and manage automated reports themselves.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks. If you’re not already a member of the Google Group, Siteimprove Berkeley Community, be sure to join today so you receive important emails about the upcoming changes. For more information about what to expect and when, visit Siteimprove changes: FAQs.