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Do you edit your department’s web content? Do you design websites or do development? This page will provide you with resources to help you make your web content accessible. If your work focuses on multimedia or podcasts, review the audio and video accessibility guidance.

At this time, UC Berkeley is working to meet the success criteria outlined in WCAG 2.0 AA.

W3C: Introduction to web accessibility (video 4:07)

Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

Accessibility concepts for everyone

The following concepts are crucial for accessibility, and you’ll need to learn them whether you’re a content editor or a web developer:

Automated accessibility checkers for everyone

Here are some excellent tools for running automated accessibility checks. These tools are extremely useful, but they can’t check everything.

Web content editors

If you’re using a content management system that was designed to be accessible (such as Open Berkeley), then many accessibility features will be “baked in.” However, you’ll need to learn basic concepts and techniques to ensure any content you create is accessible.

  1. Learn the “accessibility concepts for everyone” (listed above).
  2. Learn about requirements for videos and podcasts
  3. More training and resources are coming soon.

Document creators

Many of the requirements for documents are the same as they are for web pages. It’s just the design process that differs.

Web designers and developers

More resources:

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