Accessibility All Stars for Video and Podcasts

September 5, 2023

As we complete the first web content compliance deadline of the Consent Decree with the US Department of Justice (audio and video published since Dec. 2, 2022), we want to congratulate individuals, units and departments who have adopted digital accessibility practices and demonstrated their dedication to accessibility.

In the last few months, the response and engagement regarding audio and video accessibility has been positive and inspirational.  The Digital Accessibility Program wants to highlight a few amazing folks and say thank you for leading by example.

  • Anne Brice is the podcast producer and writer for Berkeley News who writes, reports and produces Berkeley Voices and manages Berkeley Talks.  Both podcasts provide excellent and easy to access transcripts. Both podcasts have been providing accessible podcast transcripts for years.  Anne even provides a guide to How to start a podcast at UC Berkeley that includes a section on transcripts.  Thanks for your example, Anne and Berkeley News!
  • Ariana Ceja of the Center for Race and Gender for her amazing work on both the Center for Race and Gender's podcast and YouTube channels.  The Center is a wonderful example of a small but mighty organization, and Ariana of our amazing staff here at UC Berkeley. Thank you, Ariana.

  • Michelle Phillips, Director of Communications for College of Letters and Science, has been a pivotal partner and nexus of both communication and service for L&S's many departmental YouTube and Podcast channels. She has connected channel owners to our support, the important practices for accessible video, and to an external provider for accurate captioning services. Colleagues across the college have shared with us their gratitude for Michelle.  Thank you, Michelle for your hard work, kindness, and innovative problem solving.

  • Barbara Montano, who manages the African American Student - UC Berkeley YouTube channel, has ensured closed caption accuracy with both speed and amazing attention to detail. Thank you, Barbara.

  • Linjay Zeng, undergraduate student in Data Science, produced descriptive captions of Sound and Smoke conveying the beauty and emotion of the UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble's performance. While it's true most videos do not stream concerts, so the music does not need to be this descriptive, we want to thank you, Linjay, for the care and effort you've provided to the UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble's YouTube audience. 

  • Alex Shapiro, Assistant Dean of Communications at UC Berkeley School of Law, expertly coordinated the Law School's many podcast and video channel owners and was key to the Digital Accessibility Program's ability to reach and support them.  Thank you, Alex for being wonderful to partner with and core to ensuring accessible audio and video at the School.

  • Michelle Meyer, Director of Continuing Education at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, led the department's efforts to caption 43 videos well in advance of the Consent Decree deadline, and continues to ensure each new video has accurate captions prior to posting their videos.  In addition, Michelle has made the Center's podcast, Do the Change: Challenging and Reimagining OEHS, accessible as well. Thank you, Michelle!

  • Bennet Agnew, David Au and Matthew Santillian and their early adoption of accessibility practices for Berkeley EECS and their wonderful partnership.

  • Chuck Kapelke, Communnications Lead for Long-Term Cybersecurity and Communications Manager for UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix, has juggled multiple department channels across YouTube and a few podcast providers.  Chuck has ensured the captioning compliance of many many audio and video files.  Thank you, Chuck for your hard work!

  • And last but certainly not least, Madison Ellis's Digital Accessibility team mates want to give her a big, huge shout out.  Her tenacity, excellent customer service, and dedication have ensured that UC Berkeley's audio and video published since Dec. 2, 2022 reach it's impressive state of compliance.  Thank you, Maddy! We couldn't have done this without you.