Actions Required for UCB Community

  1. Review Who/What does this apply to? in the Web Accessibility Procedures

  2. If you own, manage or contribute to publically available Audio (like a Podcast), Video (like YouTube or Vimeo), or websites (like please Take the UC Berkeley Audio, Video, and Website Survey

  3. Prioritize the Sept 2023 Consent Decree deadline for Audio and Video that has been published  since Dec 2022 by 1). joining the UC Berkeley Network on YouTube, 2). reviewing  How to make videos accessible and How to make audio accessible, and 3). applying the Techniques provided on the DAP website to your Audio and Video content.

To meet the Sept 2023 Audio and Video deadline, we are prioritizing resources for Audio and Video at this time.  Websites are not included in the Sept 2023 deadline. In the meantime, if you have a website on, please make sure your website is enrolled in SiteImprove and review Web content accessibility and Concepts. You can also try using the WAVE browser extension to help reinforce the concepts.

If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation, email us at